Tuesday, June 1, 2010

more fine art photography

by Eva Fiore Kovacovsky, Amsterdam

by Yu Xiao, Beijing

by Leilani Wertens, Chicago

fine art (along with street photography), to me, has always been the most sacred art form, i have never seriously studied the former (or the latter), or experience making any fine art painting before. but i just feel like its a dignified art form, because, the artists' goal, in the first place, at the first brush stroke, was never to "sell more paintings", but only to satisfy his or her own urge to create.

it is "self indulging", "original", "impulsive", "beauty in a bunch of normal everday ugliness", it is also a form of expression that has the risk of being loved by only the artist and hated by everyone else.

hm, perhaps i am glorifying fine art too much.
hope you enjoy this site as much as i did!
a photography site that i'm very happy to have stumbled upon.


  1. Ahhh...I like the 2nd photo! So...sweet!

    Thanks for sharing the site!
    I love images. Especially after reading all the words from the textbooks, it's really to good to have pictures to relax my eyes.

  2. That took my sometime to realise that the first image was about the fruits and peas are frozen in fridge.
    ok, sorry for the slow reaction.

  3. ya... actually i think the photos are digitally manipulated. cos the photographer wanted to do self portraits that resembled her when she was young... maybe she pasted her head on a child's body? just guessing how she did the effect, cos the overall effect really is like a painting. so beautiful.

    glad you found out about the fruits and peas! haha...