Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Royal Tenenbaums

This is one delightful movie to watch!
First of, i love it because all of the signages of buildings, covers of books (except one or two- but the director has his reasons), and headings- every word there is in the movie for that matter!-are set in Futura.
Secondly, i love the characters and their own oddnesses (is that a word?). I can feel the obssession of the writers with each and every character, they made them perfectly imperfect.
also!! the setting of this movie is so beautiful, every still is like a vintage photograph composed carefully to tell a story.
to me, The Royal Tenenbaums can be a very serious, deep thinking movie, or a very light and fun one to watch.

Friday, August 13, 2010

[第36個故事] - 价值。Value.


If you're questioning about the value of your dream or your life, this movie might be a good one to put you into a deep thought.
P/s: might not be applicable to very rational people.Lol.








Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dreams and Unreality by Tim Walker.

I've introduced the fashion illustrator Kathryn Elyse from FASHIONPAPER in my last post.

Yes, this is her another illustration but, not to worry, I'm not repeating myself here about her. So, she was inspired to draw this illustration because she likes the photographer, or likes his works. Well, this is according to her. And because I like her works so much, and this particular illustration left me a 'wow!', I went on to search for the photographer by whom she was inspired - Tim Walker.

I did not regret for spending my time on searching him in the google.

He is a fashion photographer, done works for Vogue and also I've seen his works before in the i-D.

Like the above picture, is like a painting.

He said in an interview that he got no other choice to be a photographer because he is not good in studies.
However, he stressed that he is comfortable at art, not good at art.

The reason he chose fashion photography because that's the only aspect where he can create fantasy, create the unreality and play with that.

So here goes the 'unreality', huh?

Here is the interview I watched. I agree with him that only the unreality is interesting. Dream is always beautiful. Who says that unreality can't be real? He is the evidence that the 'unreality' can be created!

"Fashion photographer Tim Walker doesn’t seem to belong to the world of you or me. He’s a Peter Pan, a daydreamer, a fantasist. His pictures are mirages, telling stories conjured directly from an imagination that most of us left behind in childhood. Looking at Tim’s photographs is like following the white rabbit into a world where elephants are painted blue, horses are dusted lilac, paintings come to life and pretty girls with Thirties faces are transformed into marionettes or abandoned princesses.

Tim creates photographs that evoke wonder – a skill as rare and fragile as one of his butterflies. In presenting his imagination to us, his photographs remind us of our own capacity to dream. And, even though his images are pure whimsy, they feel true because thy have been meticulously executed." - by Charlotte Sinclair, 2008, British Vogue. (The full article could be found in Tim Walker official website.)

Lastly, quoted his words to end this post:
"Only, only ever photograph what you love."

Thursday, August 5, 2010


This is Tavi, a very young and well-known fashion blogger, which her blog is titled as Style Rookie.

This is also Tavi. She is so famous that I think many people already heard of her before or already actually become fans of her blog. I adore her but, well, this post isn't about her.

This post is about the person who did the illustrations for her, as shown above - Kathryn Elyse. She is a fashion illustrator who owns the blog PAPERFASHION.

Here are just some works of her that I've simply copied from her blog...

and, that's her and her workplace, A.K.A her house..

Find out more in her blog!
And you may also get to know many fashion information or get some fashion inspirations from her posts!