Wednesday, June 9, 2010

movie posters

DES REVES's poster left me thinking, why did we preferred the poster than the other? (to those who are lost, pls refer here) why were we attracted to it? it is because of its vintage colors? its non-photoshoppy-ness? its fantasy and free flowing imagination? because knowing that the designer/ artist spent a whole lot of time (using their drawing skills) on it? there is just a certain feel to it. maybe there are just too many "glossy" and "photoshoppy" posters around now? with the limited technology during the olden days, the artists could only do posters by hand, or photos (film!) and these illustrations or images that represent or give a glimpse of what the movie is about is less realistic than the posters we see nowadays. so, there is more suspense and therefore surprise when we watch the movie. i found out some cool movie posters on this website and this website. almost all of them are so unique and full of emotions.

fast forward and then it came to our era, where we have posters like these:

i think wolverine and harry potter hired the same poster designer.

ok, maybe because i didnt like the movie either.
i loved the book! maybe it was what the designer wanted to do... but the movie poster looked like a book cover....
watched the movie, which was deeper than what the poster suggests...

could be better?? cos to me, the movie was awesome! not what i expected, and full of vintage and old london feel to it.

for this... i've seen before done more nicely in Love Actually and Valentine's Day....
this one feels a bit... arranged in a hurry.
blogger's last note: ofcourse, these are just some of the worst (in my opinion) that i chose from. there are also many many beautifully done posters, but i rarely come upon those that are as inspiring as the yerterdays.


  1. Love this post!
    I can't agree more about the posters nowadays are too commercialised and looks alike.
    I actually laughed out when you said that Harry Potter and X-men probably hire the same poster designer. haha!
    The old posters are nice! But for me, some of them makes me feel likes they are comics.. but some can really attract me to see the movie, for example, the second and third one, I like! Simple and nice.
    And yea, this post can totally expressed the feeling I wanted to say in the last post about the Eternal Sunshine movie, the movie is really much more than what the poster shows.
    So conclusion?
    Posters are important? HAHA! And I admit sometimes I would just skip a movie due to the lack of attraction of the poster.

  2. yea.. some posters really repel people away from watching the movie. so i guess, yea! posters are very important! didn't think we'll come to that conclusion when starting out this post! great sharing and discussing! :D