Thursday, August 4, 2011

Saskia de Brauw| Inspiring Blog.

Hey, I found this blog by a model which is very inspirational : Saskia de Brauw

There's no way to conclude them in this one small post. 
Share with you some words I read and I like so much from her blog:
"The streets are a rough place to live, many things happen simultaniously. But if you look closely beauty can be found in cracks and gutters, in a brief eyecontact, in a smile."

Then she showed her "garbage street collection":

Beautiful. Inspirational. 

Go to her page and check out more. 

[Photos from her page]

Frida Kahlo vibes.

The book I borrowed, which was brought back from US.

And, this description for Frida's monobrow is just beautiful.

"...She had a fine body, topped by a delicate face. Her hair was long; dark and thick eyebrows met above her nose. They seemed like the wings of a blackbird..." - Diego Rivera, My Art, My Life

I am just obsessed about her monobrow :)
I guess I'm not the only one. 
John Galliano showed how he's inspired by this Mexican artist in his Fall Ready-To-Wear 2010 :

Beside that, Karl Lagerfel seems to be Frida Kahlo's fan too, which was shown in his captures of supermodel Claudia Schiffer for one of the issues of Vogue Germany :

She really plays the role well. I feel the strong personality in her eyes with a bit of sadness, like Frida. Karl'd nicely took the pictures too. I like them.

Not only the grand designers, Heidi Klum was in the Frida vibes too?

Haha! Actually no, her makeup was put on by the little boy in a TV show : Seriously Funny Kids.

She might not be Frida's fan, but how about the kid who drew the monobrow? Hmm.. 

Anyways, that's all I found. 
Maybe it's not an easy style to carry. Owh, it's not of course! 

Lastly, thanks for sharing! 
I enjoy reading the book and I've got so much inspiration from the artist, not only for life and also for fashion! :)

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