Monday, June 14, 2010

Hans Zimmer, the film composer.

There is always one saying: "人生就像一场戏" - Life is like a movie.
But for me, life is not only like a movie, it could be like as many different kind of movies as you want.

Talking about movie, soundtracks are so important to a movie.
It's very... I don't know what words I should use to describe the importance of soundtracks.
Without soundtracks, I think many movies would lose its spirits.
Without soundtracks, I don't think we will still cry for romance movies.
And since life is like movies, I do think soundtracks/musics are important in our life.
Maybe I sound a little bit insane, but I really like soundtracks because it makes me feel like I am living in the movie, it makes me feel like I am one of the characters.
And I could actually be as many different kinds of character as I want by listening to different kind of soundtracks.
For example, by listening to It's Complicated soundtrack, I feel like I am the woman in the movie who can cook well and have her own house with children, although I don't wanna be divorced like her. But yes, I feel happier for doing the house chore when listening to its soundtrack.

Anyways, today I finally discover a film composer Hans Zimmer. Alright, I am outdated, but I am really happy to find out this composer because I can live in movies now! :D

Here are some soundtracks by Hans Zimmer which I think are pretty good and can lead us to a good living.

Movie title: It's Complicated.

Movie Title: The Holiday.

Movie title: As Good As it Gets.
(I haven't watched this movie but I found out that it won 2 oscars for best actor and best actress.)

Need a life with much more dramatic?
Then try these...

Movie title: The Lion King.

Movie title: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.


Anyways, enjoy the life and create a life you want the most.
Be the leading character in your own life.



  1. omg. i have never paid attention to the "background music" of the movies i watched. especially like the "lyric-less" ones you shared here!!! listening to them and imagining the movie scenes again, that's like, a whole new experience to me. thanks for sharing!

    and yes! we should lead our own movies, so that when we sit back with a popcorn watching it, we can really smile, laugh and cry without regrets. :D

  2. yayaya! 'background music'! I couldn't think of the word so I used soundtracks but that doesn't really sound right.haha!
    Anyways, I really love those music.After the It's complicated, I am now in the movie of The Holiday.
    Wow!So cold, it's christmas!woohoo!
    Make me think of the movie, The Confession of Teenage Drama Queen.