Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Movies marathon.

A 2004 film.
Won Oscar original screenplay.
Wondering if you have watched it before.
Saw the trailer, will watch it after passing up my draft on fri!

When I am looking for more information for the above movie, I come to this...

which I think you might also be interested on.

Can't wait to watch all two movies.


  1. oh cool! i've never heard of these two movies before! saw their trailers, cant wait to watch them!! especially the second one! maybe becos i love the poster more. hehe...

  2. I knew you would go for the second one! HAHA!
    Seriously, don't know why, I also get attracted by the poster and the title, then i go search for the trailer, and follow with a thought that you might like it too..more than the first one.
    Instinct..sometimes is unbelievable.