Thursday, June 3, 2010

Why do vampires love us, the human?

This place has become a comfort zone to me.
It seems like this has become a habit for me to keep signing in here and keep sharing here.
Everytime I read something, I see something, I hear something...which are very interesting and inspiring, I just can't wait for another second to sign in and share them here!
At least I know there is someone, has the same interest.
You may not like the works, but at least we love sharing.

Anyways, today I come to this chinese blog by 蔡康永.
For me, he is a very talented and knowledgeable man.

A paragraph from one of his blog which put myself into a deep thought:

那天,看到《真爱如血 》劇中兩個吸血鬼在討論 : "人類又弱, 又短命, 到底有什麼值得迷戀的 ?"

被問的吸血鬼 ,回答了這句話 :

" 人類啊... 每件事都好心焦的, FOR THEM, EVERYTHING IS URGENT ...."

我玩味著這句話, 心裡五味雜陳 , 啊... 在永生不死者的眼中 ,我們人類的 [ 每件事都好心焦 , EVERYTHING IS URGENT ] , 竟然是迷人的喔 .....

我小時候,瘋狂懷疑人生有何意義時, 好心焦的亂翻亂找 , 就找到過有一派哲學家提供的安慰了, 這派哲學家說 : " 人生,就是因為有死亡 ,有限 ,才可能有意義的 ! "

- from 吸血鬼怎麼會覺得我們有趣 ?

Vampires see us to be interesting, because we have time limit in our life. Due to the time limit, we rush for everything, we try to complete everything before we die. We study, we work, we earn money...just to complete the 'routine' of life. But the point of all these? What if we could live like the vampires, no death, we don't need to earn for living, just need to hunt for food, would that be better?

But I never see a vampires series/movie describing the life of vampires as artists, writers, painters...etc. Why there have no such plot? Is that because of they are having an eternal life so all the stuffs they do become meaningless?

Does that support the statement of those philosophers that the human life is meaningful due to the limit of the life?

p/s: 《真爱如血 》is a HBO series called "True Blood".

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  1. wow... unlimited time to pursue the stuff that is meaningful to me.. that will be awesome. sometimes i view that this urgency is more like "desperation", like, "oh no, time is running out". but on a more positive side, yes, "urgency" will make us more "积极" and cherish our time more.
    but vampires as artists and musicians? hmmm.. interesting. cant imagine dracula painting the nude. haha...