Monday, May 31, 2010

Fine art photographer.

Discover David LaChapelle in Mandy's sina (微博 - which is like a blog also).
Anyways, about David LaChapelle, from what I understand (information from wikipedia), he is an fine art photographer.
Saw his artworks which is quite eye-chatching.
Due to the wide range of variaties for the photos, I, who have the choices making phobia disorder, could not decide which photo to share and decided just post what has attracted me to the David's studio page. The photo posted above taken from Mandy's page.

Nice works there. Who say that photography is hardly to be relevant to fine art? Now there is fusion. Also, this may satisfy you with the all in one.



  1. oh man! i also have this serious "phobia of making choices" or, "indesiciveness". it can be really frustrating sometimes! but it's consoling to know that some of the greatest writers have this trait too (read this from: Do What You Are- i guess there is nothing all good or all bad :)

    oh yes, i really love fine art photography. but the blog you shared with me, i think is more to fashion and advertising, (maybe its fashion fused with fine art! i dunno.. haha..) but the shoots are really creative and his portraits are really eye catching and special!

  2. The blog you mean Mandy's page? She was a singer then now she is having her own boutique cafe designing Tshirt and stuffs in Taiwan.

    Or you mean the David? uhm..yea, I don't know, but I think he is more commercialised. But I think he is famous now to shoot for those celebs or helping ppl to do the adverts ..i also not sure..
    maybe there's really no precise definition for the word 'arts'? lol