Friday, June 11, 2010


my mom asked me to read a passage from a very worn out booklet she picked up from a box full of recycled books.
i wanted to post this up and share with you immediately after reading it.
(if you have the time, please read starting from "一个母爱打造的金牌")
i found the soft copy here.

安金鹏 (in pic)'s story moved me to tears.
he was a very poor young boy who was the only student in school who didnt have the money to feed himself properly in the school canteen. But through his mother's love for him and her strong determination for him to study, he learned a lot by looking at how hard his mother worked in order for him to go to school. He became strong and won the national Olympic Maths and Physics competition in China, then, i later found out through a website, Harvard offerred him a scholarship.

here are some words i would like to share, taken from the passage:

"一个人必须能够先〈受得了〉,先能够〈忍受〉,忍受贫困,忍受失望, 忍受瞧不起, 甚至忍受病苦,然后才能找出意义, 然后才能自由自在的实现自己的理想。 "
another wise person shared his wise words:
"dreams, without materialising them, will only be day dreams"

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