Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blue Valentine

Share this with you! 
I like the trailer, it looks great. 
I bought the movie yesterday but I haven't watch it yet. 
The rating for this film is quite high, can't wait~
Will let you know if it's nice after watching it. 
But, still I want to repeat, the trailer seems nice :D

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Saskia de Brauw| Inspiring Blog.

Hey, I found this blog by a model which is very inspirational : Saskia de Brauw

There's no way to conclude them in this one small post. 
Share with you some words I read and I like so much from her blog:
"The streets are a rough place to live, many things happen simultaniously. But if you look closely beauty can be found in cracks and gutters, in a brief eyecontact, in a smile."

Then she showed her "garbage street collection":

Beautiful. Inspirational. 

Go to her page and check out more. 

[Photos from her page]

Frida Kahlo vibes.

The book I borrowed, which was brought back from US.

And, this description for Frida's monobrow is just beautiful.

"...She had a fine body, topped by a delicate face. Her hair was long; dark and thick eyebrows met above her nose. They seemed like the wings of a blackbird..." - Diego Rivera, My Art, My Life

I am just obsessed about her monobrow :)
I guess I'm not the only one. 
John Galliano showed how he's inspired by this Mexican artist in his Fall Ready-To-Wear 2010 :

Beside that, Karl Lagerfel seems to be Frida Kahlo's fan too, which was shown in his captures of supermodel Claudia Schiffer for one of the issues of Vogue Germany :

She really plays the role well. I feel the strong personality in her eyes with a bit of sadness, like Frida. Karl'd nicely took the pictures too. I like them.

Not only the grand designers, Heidi Klum was in the Frida vibes too?

Haha! Actually no, her makeup was put on by the little boy in a TV show : Seriously Funny Kids.

She might not be Frida's fan, but how about the kid who drew the monobrow? Hmm.. 

Anyways, that's all I found. 
Maybe it's not an easy style to carry. Owh, it's not of course! 

Lastly, thanks for sharing! 
I enjoy reading the book and I've got so much inspiration from the artist, not only for life and also for fashion! :)

[sources from : here, here and there.]

Friday, July 29, 2011

Knitwear designer: Hannah Taylor's lovely portfolio.

I came across this knitwear designer : Hannah Taylor, whose designs are extremely playful. I smile when I'm looking at it. It makes me feel happy!

This is not a fashion blog. I don't plan to do too much of fashion blogging here
(I just can't help blogging about fashion sometimes because I keep looking at fashions)
So, today, I want to share the designer's portfolio, which is as fun as her knitwear designs:

I think you'll enjoy this illustrations/portfolio! At least I hope so :)

If you're interested in her designs/collections, please check out more about her at her page here

[Photos all from her page]

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Animals is in! Why not?

Wow! It's been really long time since this blog was updated. Alright, I know this is a boring opening line. So, cut the craps! Let's share something about the fashion trend which I'm inspired lately (better than nothing right?)

As we can see, designers seem like really into animals in the 2011 runways earlier. The trend has been expanded until recently during the Menswear shows (which were held not long ago), it's shown in the pictures which the fashion photographer Tommy Ton shot for the street style in the scenes of the shows too.

Well, here comes the animals~ oo la la~

Givenchy Menswear Fall 2011:

Prada Fall 2011:

Jill Stuart Fall 2011:

Hhmm.. actually, I'm not a big fan of those collections shown above. Seriously, the angry dog? The monkeys? Errr... I'm not sure. However, I think I'm kind of inspired unknowingly:

No doubt. It's me.
So I say, when Prada and Givenchy were having monkeys and dogs; I have owl and the stupid-looking-pig :)

[Photos from Style.com and my closet]

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Indie music search engine!

Hey try this website out: Pitchfork.

It says: The essential guide to independent music and beyond :-O

Anyway, it's introduced by the record store guy from whom I bought my CDs! He said Rolling Stone is good but too commercial nowadays (I can't exactly remember what he said, something like that); So he intro me this website to find out more indie music :))

I like it!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bright Star.

I want to share this film that I've recently watched...

I am still in the mood of this, and I'm really inspired by the beautiful words too. Romantic, it is.

The movie is about John Keat's romance with Fanny Brawne.
It is sadly beautiful, for which I could feel the heartbroken of the lady when the news of John Keats' death reached her ears.

I think it's beautiful, except the pace might be slow, but I really like how they read the poems and love letters.

Hope you like it too :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Marie Taillefer - French photographer.

I came to know Borre Akkersdijk (in the last post) from Marie Taillefer, who is a French photographer.

She also shoot for fashions editorials.

Here is where I found Borre Akkersdijk.

"I titled the work of Marie Taillefer “Trend Photography” for a few reasons. Firstly Taillefer is regularly contributor to Bloom Magazine, which is one of the best trend publication available right now. Secondly, all of her final images look like moodboards, either the image is drawn over, cut, torn or retouched in a way that all her images seem to be part of a trend book. No series looks like another. There is so much imagination and beauty in her work, I love it all!" - by Cyril Foiret in Trendland, read here.

They say, like Marie Taillefer said: just like a painting.

I say: just like a dream.

I am like seeing paintings from the art gallery.

I hope you like them too! :)

[Photos from: here, here, heretherethere and there.