Wednesday, June 2, 2010

劉若英 [ 繼續-給十五歲的自己 ] MV官方完整版

my goodness, its so rare to find me listening to chinese music and love it! not only that! my eyes and nose went red when listening the song and the lyrics... so touching and it was like, Liu Ruo Ying was singing to me. (persasan again- sorry Ms Liu and Ms Gilbert! hahahaha...) i heard this song when i was at my grandpa's house, the tv was playing its mtv and the simplicity of Liu Ruo Ying's wardrobe caught my eye. then i paid attention to the music and found the lyrics resonated strongly with my heart. and then i forgot about it until i heard it on the radio just now. when i reached home, i stayed in the car, with the engine dead, but the radio still playing this song. thank you Liu Ruo Ying for this song.

actually, Angela Aki was the original singer who sang this song.

thank you to both for such beautiful and touching song....


  1. Omg.I can't control my emotion when I'm listening to this. In halfway of this song, Steven called me, and I stop myself from tearing and asked him what he doing, he answered me he's drawing. Then I told him, don't give up his dream, keep drawing, at least he knows what he love to do..I told him the feeling of not knowing the purpose of living is very depressing, in between of the song and the conversation, I couldn't control my emotions and couldn't stop myself crying.

    Nice song.

    I hate settling too much in life, until, I forget what my dream was.

  2. btw, Sammi sings this in cantonese too. I was wondering why the melody is so familiar.

  3. I can't stop listening to the original japanese version
    it's like giving me the reason to continue what's on hand and leading me to the direction of dream
    I think it's ok to get lost sometimes...

    thanks for sharing! very love it.

  4. so happy you love it! :D
    we should sing this together and cry together. hahah... ya... we need more courage to keep on dreaming and even more stubborness to hold on to our dreams...