Friday, June 18, 2010

You and Starbucks- it's bigger than coffee!

the winner of the BetaCup- Drink Sustainably contest.
its a contest encouraging the community to eliminate their paper coffee cups usage that end up in the landfills, creating mountains of garbage each year. Starbucks (the extra expensive coffee, but ok, they are helping to save the earth) is backing up this project and hopes to serve their drinks in recyclable paper cups by 2015. i think, with this idea supported by the major trendy place to buy your coffee it will sure bring more awareness to people when they buy take away coffee.

the mass population will easily and eagerly follow the trends set by big corporations, markets and designers. we are also quite prone to peer pressure ("why dont you have a reusable cup with you?"). to set a trend, i think you do need to be trendy in the first place. if one of the normal coffee shops (kopitiam) around the corner of your neighbourhood implements this idea, would you embrace it with such a big heart and open mind? well i cant say that there's no part of me that will be influenced by the feeling of "look cool and save the world!" vs "save the world!".

and now i understand that people loves to be awarded, and not punished. my grandma's coffee shop charges extra RM0.30 for each plastic container the customers use for take away. we actually bought the containers for RM0.45 because we didnt want to use the normal white PVC anymore. but a lot of customers do not like this idea. now i know, people do not like to have the feeling of being charged extra- even its thirty cents. but most of them still choose to be charged and complain about it rather than bringing their own containers! maybe we should implement this idea of "bring your own Tupperware, or reusable container and get an award".

anyway, let's save the world together! with our own glamorous and even unglamorous ways. :D

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and, i found this community, (click here) - Jovoto that "links creative talent worldwide and evolves to become the largest creative department, in which the act of creation is free, collaborative, and above all, fair". looks interesting!

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  1. Yea, I do think people will feel more willingly to use their own container if you award them maybe one meal after how many 'sticker' they get by bringing own contrainer. I didn't know how much it would help, I would get attracted la.. HAHA! but maybe just until halfway i would give up, cause i would always forget to bring my own container/cup. lol