Saturday, June 26, 2010

Julia Fullerton Batten

By Julia Fullerton Batten.

When searching more of her works and images, come across to websites discussing about her "Teenage Stories" project. One of the websites says:
"Earlier images in this series show girls involved in everyday leisure activities, at home, in the garden, at the swimming pool, or at the beach. More recently, she has placed the girls in a model village environment, dwarfing their surroundings. The project aims to capture the lives and feelings of young girls as they change from relative innocence to a heightened awareness of their adult life.

Uniquely, for these shoots, Julia deliberately select girls who are not professional models. Once she has the idea for the shoot, she street casts the models. This produces a slight awkwardness in the posture of the models that enhances the unusual surroundings. Another difference is Julia’s use of studio lighting to supplement daylight. She may use as many as seven or eight flash heads to achieve the impression that she wants. This combination of eye for the content of an image, the naturalness of the models, the unusual surroundings, the effect of the lighting all combine to yield a style that identifies her pictures."

More of her artworks..

And she said:
I used to approach unknown people on the streets in London and ask them to take part in my photo shoots. There are so many fascinating faces accompanied with wonderful personalities around. The freshness that street cast models have, has also benefited my work immeasurably. I now don’t have the time to find the amateur models myself. But I hire a producer to source models for me
(from Lost at E Minor)

Lastly, I feel really cold by looking at the last photo above.

Hope you people like it :)

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  1. wow, the last one. really freezing!

    and the second one, what an awkward pose! bravo to the model! really like a giant fell down.. haha...

    beautiful and weird! i like! :D