Wednesday, January 19, 2011

街舞狂潮 (Hip-Hop Storm)

We have watched Step Up 1-3, and we do admire their passions very much.
Now, there is this Asian's version (I don't mean to compare between Asian and foreign's movies, but I just feel proud that there is something as good as Step Up even we have the very different cultures) : 街舞狂潮

This was awarded the best documentary (最佳紀錄片) for Golden Hourse Awards (金馬獎).

I came to know this and the director (蘇哲賢) when reading an interview in a magazine - The Big Issue (10th issue).
I was so impressed by this young director, I didn't know anything about him and I didn't even know who he is when I am reading the interview, until I saw the words in the end of the interview stated: "第一部紀錄片長片作品《街舞狂潮》榮獲第四十七屆金馬獎最佳紀錄片,並為金馬獎史上最年輕的長片導演."

Mind me quoted some words of him from the interview in the magazine (which I desperately want to share with you):
一開始就是把零用錢丟出來,我用一萬塊開拍《街舞狂潮》。... 錢不夠就開始去接一些商業拍攝,當時念碩二,就狂接一些MV和廣告,想湊拍片的經費。可是MV就是超商業,我正在拍的又是紀錄片,那種狀況其實還蠻奇怪的,但也是很好的練習機會,因為這樣你才會了解一般人的想法,看到一些窗戶外的東西,而不是閉門造車。

He met many obstacles during the whole process.
He needed some financial assistance to travel to Paris for some takes, he tried many ways but unsuccesful due to some rules and regulations, but he didn't give up and finally the universe did listen to his needs -

He didn't really believe but still tried and at the end he got it! According to him, it's just a small amount of money but at least that could be enough for him to afford a trip to Paris, he expressed gratitude that at least he did not need to just shoot the departure hall and arrival hall in Taiwan's airport for the 'Paris scene'.
After Paris, the obstacle still does not want to leave him alone; the leading character of the movie informed him that he doesn't feel like dancing anymore-

本來阿倫(《街舞狂潮》的主角)也想說不要跳舞了, ...我以為這一切真的要結束了。就在那天,他接到了一通電話,上海舉辦了一個很大的比賽, 想邀請他當評審, ...你知道嗎?人在最低潮的時候,只要有個小小的理由讓你持續下去,你就不會逃走。

At last, he said:

I am really inspired by this.
I just wanna spread this.
I know I am no one to encourage people to have dreams and to hold on to it;
I just hope that this would be helpful if there is someone who is struggling between dreams and the reality.

Most importantly, I think, is to find out what we really want; then only we could ask 'why'.

Wish everyone lives their own life :)
Forgive me for the long-winded 'speech'.


  1. hey, your "speeches" are always awaited for. :) thank you for inspiring and sharing. so many lovely stuff to catch up on! movies, books, songs.. life~! :D

  2. have to say, sorry for the super late replies! i always saw the posts in my phone and then wanna reply you but do something else everytime i get on the laptop! :S

  3. Heyy it's fine! As long as you do enjoy them :)
    don't forget our very intial purpose is just to share and not longing for replies! :D
    Enjoy life~