Monday, January 31, 2011

Grey Gardens.

This was the film I mentioned to you before, don't laugh and don't discriminate it! I know it is a 'HBO movie'.. haha!
But there is really something about it!
And as I said, only the mid-to-the-last-part already caught my attention to finish the movie, and even want to find the full movie and the original documentary from 1975 to watch.

Grey Gardens (2009)
The one I watched in HBO. And I love the tagline: "True glamour never fades."

Grey Gardens (1975)

Truly eccentric people in their eccentric life, as described in the plot.


  1. found in 1001 Cult Movies. thanks to the lovely bookstore. HAHAHA!! now i know, HBO plays beautiful movies (and designs beautiful angpows!) :D