Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dutch photographer - Ruadh Delone.

Check this Dutch photographer out! - Delone Fotografie.

He did capture something else other than portraits, but it is mainly the portrait photography that takes my breath away.

He categorises the portraits under 'Faces'. Some of his works:

This is the first of his works that intrigues my interest.
There is a caption under the picture -



"DeLone seems to love taking portraits of himself and his children. His idea’s and concepts are amazing. Some images seem to make you feel uncomfortable purely because his children are used for most of his wacky idea’s, but they are very effective models and portray his idea’s well."

"As a child I drew a lot and only much later, in 2007, I discovered that a camera the same work but in 1/100th of a second.With manipulation of color, elements, etc. I make the final image to a personal result.My heart is definitely in portrait photography. This is characterized mostly by a touch of surrealism." (I believe that it's quoted from Ruadh Delone.)

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