Monday, January 17, 2011

'Lost in sofa'

If I could have this...

Then, I could loosen myself up by immersing in it with books and movies.

If I could have this...

Then, everything could get lost in it.


Even reading or watching movie with a cup of coffee.

'Lost in sofa' by DAISUKE MOTOGI.

Designer's words:
"Things often get lost under the sofa. It’s ordinary for a coin which slipped out of your pocket, or a never-to-be-found remote to be accidentally found in between/underneath the sofa cushions. Maybe you’ll find a forgotten 10,000 Yen bill that you once hid there…"

I discovered this sofa when I was flipping through a magazine, and immediately I fall for it.
I just cant help sharing this, I am in love with functional and convenient stuffs with comtemporary design. Most importantly, it looks nice and comfortable!

How nice if I could have a space for it...


  1. i want one too please!! how cool is this!!

  2. yeaaaa riteeee!! Don't even need to buy table next nice! I really like it!

  3. hahahah!! i didnt thought of "no need to buy table". you are right!! and no need to buy pen holder, book shelf, iphone holder.. HAHAHA!!