Monday, January 17, 2011

Massimo Vignelli

I first saw Massimo Vignelli in Helvetica. Massimo is a modernist master in design, he advocates functionality, simplicity and clean layout in his works. In this great interview with Design Matters, he shares his philosophy in design and talks about his free book online for students, teachers, designers and people of love design to download and share.


  1. "you can design one thing, you can design everything."
    Seems like it's not enough to just listen once, cause I haven't caught everything from him, need to listen it again.
    Thanks for sharing!
    But wow! He really designs everything? Not just graphic? Wow, and he gives his book for free, and even got a Russian translated it for touching o..everyone spreading his book around and his expression when he talks about it.
    Gotta spend some time to read it.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. and yes! he gives his teachings on graphic design for free.. ok.. maybe some people will say he doesnt have to generate more income by writing a book. but i think its because he cares so much about the design in our environment and really wants to educate everyone so that there is more timeless and intelligent design in our streets. there is a quote saying that he is up for a fight against ugliness. well, a fight for beauty, i guess.

    its just like over here, most of the graphic design here really "downgrades" our community's level of intelligence and standards. everyone tend to do what everyone else is doing. but there are still some lovely design that i stumble across sometimes. i really thank them for the designers/ marketing people/ owners of these business for their courage to feed the locals here with something different.