Monday, January 17, 2011

The Moldy Peaches. (Indie band)

You probably know the Juno song, yes, from the movie Juno.
Today, not talking about movie, but an indie band - Moldy Peaches.
(Alright, there are some discussions about the genre of the band - indie, indie rock, antifolk, blah blah blah - which I don't really give a damn as I'm not really sure about the diffrence. All I know is that the music is amazing, and that's enough.)

I don't know, but I think this gonna be a long post because I have so much to share! I feel like the passion is burning inside my heart after listening to so many good songs, beautiful unique voices and original indie music. Too much to be shared.

Well, cut the craps.
The Moldy Peaches is founded by Adam Green and Kimya Dawson, both of them are talented and despite their cooperation, their own musics are also refreshing and different.

First of all, here I present the Moldy Peaches cover for the 'Juno Song'- named Anyone Else But You.

I Forgot. No, not I forgot but yes, that is the title of the song - I Forgot.
(I saw one of the comments and which makes me smiled to myself: "the ten seconds of noises at the end surprised me.....but then again, they're the moldy peaches. They can make whatever kinds of noises they want.")

And I found that their lyrics are so ... funky? I don't know what word should I use to express my feeling. I just feel that they are very different.

Nothing Came Out.
I feel like they are in a conversations instead of singing. The feeling is so unusual.

Now, let's turn to Kimya Dawson, her voice is so pure. I feel relaxing by listening to her voice.

So Nice So Smart.

The Competition.

Her lyrics are so cute.
It's like she's just telling us her dairy story, like 'I'm reading, I'm singing now, I'm going to cook..yes, I am telling you a story.' Yet, it brings out some lessons.
I really like!

I Love You Sweet Baby.
The whole thing, music and the lyrics, is totally different from others!

Now, Adam Green:

Both of them, Adam Green and Kimya Dawson, do have the sense of humour.
I just can't help smiling when listening to their songs.

Dance With Me.

Nat King Cole.

What can I say?
They are genius.
Is that exaggeration?
But I really love their music.
I know I am too late to discover.

Anyway, there are much more, check them out!
Unfortunately I can't share all of them, too many!!
I've just spent my whole night clicking on their videos last night.

Hope you do like it.
Enjoy! :)


  1. I LOVE IT!
    I almost totally forgot how much i loved the juno song!! i wanted to find it the last time i watched juno!! my play list is dried up now, must add all these!!! it really feels like they are half talking half singing. hahahah!!! relaxing and carefree, and just being them. ah, its what we all need i think!

    thanks so much for sharing! :D

  2. I really fall in love with it o..addicted!
    And I also forgot the juno song after watching the movie long time ago. Just so happened I heard it in the radio few days ago when I passed by the room where the radio was not switched off! Coincidence again :D
    Then, I ended up keep clicking on the videos. hahahahaha!
    Great that you like it. And I remember you love indie bands. haha! Enjoy~

  3. beautiful coincidence! hahah.... yes!! i was trying to search "good indie songs" on google the other day. hahaha...