Saturday, July 31, 2010

ghost world

you might be wondering. well, Ghost World is not a horror movie. nor a corny romantic chick flick, and... its not one of those laugh out loud comedies that you just watch and forget (not that those are not good, but it's just not one of those). i stumbled upon this movie when searching more about American Splendor (previous movie post) in this spanish movie review website called "Movies 4 Indies". (however after browsing thru, i found that it also features some mainstream hollywood movies like Terminator Salvation and Sherlock Holmes and hmmm.. Alice in Wonderland- well, cant say i didnt enjoy them, but.. they aren't Indie!)

The story is about two best friends, Enid and Rebecca, who just finished their high school. Enid is the main character, who is impulsive, cynical and bitter, she seems to know what she doesnt want, but doesnt know what she want in life. Although she is more outspoken than Rebecca, she is quite lost with her life. Rebecca, Enid's best friend, is more passive and naive than Enid. She has a more mainstream personality but eventually matures into a sensible young woman.

this movie left me with some thoughts. is fitting-in and growing-up more important than finding what we want and saying "no" to what we dont want? the beauty of this movie is that it doesnt show which is "correct" or "right" in the end. it's all so subjective and personal...

enjoy the movie!
trailer of the movie :)

the comic strip

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  1. I should have just bought it just now! another lesson now: I should follow my first instinct!
    will try to get it next time :)
    thanks for sharing~