Monday, July 26, 2010


Discovered this amazing street art in Hookedblog (another blog mostly about street art).

Back to the point, the art posted is very magnificent, which held in Booklyn. If not mistaken they used about 800 books with lighting to do this.

And I kinda like this interpretation by another blog titled Rebellion:

"How powerful are books? Well they can apparently stop traffic if there's enough of them. "

And this impressive work is done by Luzinterruptus team.
There is the link to their blog but too bad it's not in English. Anyways, from my observation, their works are mostly done based on the lighting.
Anyways, there are more pictures in their blog and I have copied some of their photos from their blog, another series which attracts me, as shown below:

For more, please visit their blog :) and google them for English explanation. lol.


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  1. i dont know why, it feel like a scene in one of the harry potter movies. haha... eye opening and interesting! :D