Sunday, July 4, 2010

500 Days of Summer

If I must only say one phrase for this movie, it would be... "Please watch it."

As seen in the poster, it is a story about love.
Having a very complicated feeling after the movie but I won't spoil the movie by telling the synopsis, which I hate people doing that, so please watch it.
However, I would say, the method of shooting the film is quite interesting and it is not boring at all as compared to other romance movies although the storyline couldn't gone too far. What do you expect in romance movies except relationships, though?

So, enjoy it :)


  1. YA! i watched this before! i think last year if not mistaken. the guy's job is so cute! and i love the wardrobe of Summer... so vintage? british? indie? how to say. but i think you know what i mean... haha....

  2. Yea i also don't know how to say the feeling..i really like the way it's played, especially the part where there is 2 segments where one is for the 'expectation' and another one is 'reality'.How clever to have such idea.. :D