Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sebastiaan Bremer

loving these whimsical, happy and nostalgic images by Sebastiaan Bremer.

“Using various inks, he draws directly on slightly blurry C-print enlargements of photographs, and often adds splotches and streaks of photographic dye. Almost always, the underlying photographic images have much to do with personal and family history: a best friend from Bremers teenage years, a shot of himself as a kid, a view of a room taken from under his grandmothers piano, his family on vaction, a former girlfriend.”


  1. we go the fusion.
    As what we've discussed earlier, about the fusion of photography with arts. Drawing on the photographs..woohoo.It does exist.
    Nice prints and I feel ..uhm..joyful? It just adds additionally joyful feeling on the low-saturated photos. It's like having party! hahahahahaha

  2. yeap, fusion! more of his drawing on photos can be found on his website!