Thursday, August 5, 2010


This is Tavi, a very young and well-known fashion blogger, which her blog is titled as Style Rookie.

This is also Tavi. She is so famous that I think many people already heard of her before or already actually become fans of her blog. I adore her but, well, this post isn't about her.

This post is about the person who did the illustrations for her, as shown above - Kathryn Elyse. She is a fashion illustrator who owns the blog PAPERFASHION.

Here are just some works of her that I've simply copied from her blog...

and, that's her and her workplace, A.K.A her house..

Find out more in her blog!
And you may also get to know many fashion information or get some fashion inspirations from her posts!


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  1. beautiful illustrations! and inspiring too! they really have passion in what they're doing~! thanks for sharing~ :D