Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Four Lions

Just came back from the cinema.
Watched this movie called Four Lions.
It's basically about four terrorists.
It actually used a realistic way to shoot this video, with some humorous conversations.
It talks about the life of the terrorists, how they plan to bomb, what's their thoughts before the death.
They may actually not sure about what they were doing before the death.
It's a tragedy actually.

Not a bad movie. The cinema were burst with laughters. Although I don't get some of the jokes.
But you could try to watch it and give it a deep thought.

That make me think that, is it really a good thing to have strong obsessive over certain thing? Even until you actually forget about your inital motive of doing that thing, or maybe there is no good motive or real purpose from the start.
In the end, you just doing something for the sake of doing it.

Anyways, enjoy the movie! :)


  1. cool poster! and sounds like more than "just another terrorist movie". but maybe will prefer to watch "away we go" first. thought provoking movies need more effort to watch. but a good balance of both is the best, happy movies to relax us, and serious movies to teach us and make us think. oh wait, sometimes happy movies teach us more! oh well, stop here to prevent this comment from being into a thesis. hahaha...
    thanks for the movies!

  2. Hmm..yea, I think I had complicated feelings when the movie comes to the middle part. It's like, I still laugh yet I got a little shock. And in the end, I felt speechless yet still laughing, and also felt pity.