Saturday, May 22, 2010

design observer

Taken from " Can Graphic Design Make You Cry?"- by Jessica Helfand

Taken from "May I Show You My Portfolio"- by Micheal Bierut

after discovering it, i have been loosing myself in Design Observer whenever i am online.
inspiring, thoughtful, informative and big hearted, it is where i have been learning about graphic design and its impact- on others and on ourselves as the designers. A rich and beautiful blog that is so diverse on its topics.
I havent explore the whole blog yet, but i found that they feature Design Matters- Debbie Millman , the host of a radio show that talks on Graphic Design. She is also the author of "How To Think Like A Great Graphic Designer". In these interviews, I love her introductory snippets where she will talk about some of her past experiences and her thoughts with brutal honesty, sometimes she reads paragraphs from books, which are equally touching and inspiring.
I will keep on posting posts that i have read and find touching and inspiring from this "treasure chest"!

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