Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fashion matters!

Pictures from Lookbook.nu.

Check it out!
Found the website while I'm google-ing about Dr. Martens boots. Wish to get a pair of those boots which I think is very cool! Ahh...rock and roll! Avril wears them too.

Anyways, back to the 'Lookbook' website.
I found it very interesting.
Anyways, you could click on the 'hype' on the top left corner of the photo if you like the photos. Not really sure about the real purpose of the website, maybe they are just sharing their sense for fashions and stuffs.
I have connected myself with the facebook account! So now I could get 'hype' up with the photos :D

By the way, those photos above, are just the few photos from the 'hot' page of that website. There are more!

Hope you enjoy it:)

(ps. please click on those greyish words to lead yourself to the website)

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