Sunday, May 15, 2011

Should| Like a Fire without Sound

I think you would like soothing music more, so here I introduce this album - Should| Like a Fire without Sound - which although the my favourite, but I like it that it could calm me, I like it especially when I'm sitting on a bus looking outside the window, I like it brings me the feeling of having a road trip ;D Oh, it sounds like some films' OST too. This reminds me of one film - Nick's and Norah's Infinite Playlist - which I think you might be interested in too. Kind of like indie film/light movie to go. Not a big film for sure. (Tho' the ratings are not high.)
(Most importantly, I found it under the indie music section. Lol.)

Too bad that Youtube doesn't have many videos of them. I only found this. I can't share more :(


  1. Official video for Turned Tables here

  2. Aww.. thanks Marc for the sharing! :D
    I was trying to look for Awake at Night but failed. I like that song!

    Anyways, thanks! :)