Thursday, May 26, 2011

Marie Taillefer - French photographer.

I came to know Borre Akkersdijk (in the last post) from Marie Taillefer, who is a French photographer.

She also shoot for fashions editorials.

Here is where I found Borre Akkersdijk.

"I titled the work of Marie Taillefer “Trend Photography” for a few reasons. Firstly Taillefer is regularly contributor to Bloom Magazine, which is one of the best trend publication available right now. Secondly, all of her final images look like moodboards, either the image is drawn over, cut, torn or retouched in a way that all her images seem to be part of a trend book. No series looks like another. There is so much imagination and beauty in her work, I love it all!" - by Cyril Foiret in Trendland, read here.

They say, like Marie Taillefer said: just like a painting.

I say: just like a dream.

I am like seeing paintings from the art gallery.

I hope you like them too! :)

[Photos from: here, here, heretherethere and there.


  1. photographs that look like paintings.
    paintings that look like dreams.

    love the colors and tones!

    thanks for discovering and sharing :)

  2. You're most welcome!

    The doodling in the first picture make me think of the cover of the 2nd hand book you bought that day. haha!

    So I think you might like this too.
    Great that you do enjoy them :)