Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cat's Eyes.

Back with music!
I want to share some albums that I've bought randomly few days ago!

One by one.

Today's sharing: Cat's Eyes.
(I confess that this was introduced by the cashier in the record store, when I'm purchasing the Cocorosie's and Lykke Li's old albums, I asked: Do you have any other new songs which is nice to introduce? I want some weird music, something like this *referring to Cocorosie and Lykke Li*)
So here it's. The Cat's Eyes I chose after he showed me few artists.

I love the variations of music they made, which surprise me, which is no logic, no particular style, not boring at all!

(Live in Vatican? So cool! Some say it's not Vatican, but it's, in my impression. Not sure. Anyways, definitely a nice music.)

Just so excited to share what I've found, good music is always what I'm hungry for. Anyway, sorry if it's outdated.

Hope you like it! :D

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