Monday, April 11, 2011

In A Better World.

I went for this movie alone that day. I knew it's an Oscar winner for best foreign language film. I knew it would be great. But, honestly, I didn't have too much of expectation before watching it. Really, and sorry to say that, I was just thinking to kill some time instead of wondering around the mall alone.

However, it is really good. At least it's more than what I've expected (alright, I didn't have much expectation -___-) Although for me it's not the Oscar level, but well, it is good. Indeed, it won Oscar.
There are scenes touched my heart deeply, just like how the book - The Kite Runner - did. I had many 'omg' and 'shit shit shit' between the film (of course it's me mumbling in my mind).

Anyway, you should watch it. I will let you to interpret the film yourself.
Worth watching.


  1. ahhh.. so nice to watch movie alone! thanks for another great movie to catch! i think, an oscar winning film is always worth watching... to good movies!! :D

  2. You're welcome! Looking forward to your sharing! :D