Thursday, April 21, 2011

He and She Photography. Wedding photography.

Louis Pang is a professional wedding photographer. His shoots are almost perfect.
However, as compared to the photography site I saw today, He and She Photography, Louis Pang's photography seems to be a little bit too serious (for me,personally.)
I didn't mean that's bad, I just have different feeling towards them. Just do not know why, when I see this site who they also shoot for some weddings and engagements, naturally I think of Louis Pang. Of course I do like Louis Pang's work too! So, there's really no good or bad between them.

But, honestly, after seeing too much of those perfect-photos-with-perfect-colours-perfect-lighting-perfect-photoshopskill-and-perfect-etc., I started to feel... tired? Although perfect means good.
When I see this site, I feel fresh! It feels so casual, more relaxing. Yea, I like the word casual.

The cutest part, for me, is that the photographers themselves, the He and the She is a married couple with a baby (coming soon, I guess). It's like, they bring their love to people, to inpire people. Through the camera lens, they capture the natural smiles and the true happiness with their passion and love :)
It also make us feel closer to the photos, unlike those perfect professional photos, these photos makes us feel so... intimate, so personal, so real.

They describe themselves as this:
"the “he” refers to a fellow named randy, and the “she” a gal named erin.  together, we are he & she photography, a husband and wife photography duo based out of orange county, california.

we strive to turn your love into art. it might sound corny, but it’s true! it’s our passion. our photography style can best be described as photojournalism meets quirky fashion photography. we are very influenced by the aesthetics of fashion photography, yet our unobtrusive approach enables us to create a documentary of your wedding from an insider’s perspective. i suppose you could call our style “natural light-lifestyle-fashion-photojournalism.” try saying that five times fast :)"

See, so cute :D

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  1. LOVELY.
    i am inspired.
    he and she are waaay cooool!!!
    i love the moustache on girl one, and the blurred out one. so cute!!! :D