Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ferran Adria

I want to introduce you to Ferran Adria. Deemed the worlds greatest chef at the world greatest restaurant. Ferran uses his extraordinary creativity and courage to present his "art" to his guests. at his restaurant "ElBulli", the guests doesnt have a menu. but they are served about 28 to 35 dishes carefully assembled by the team at ElBulli. The philosophy of the restaurant is to let people have an emotional response to the food. Ferran treats a humble pear just as he treats expensive caviar. His team always shares their new discoveries and works hard with open ideas at their "experiment lab", which really looks like a lab:
they even have special signs and codes to categorize their ingredients. 
I just admire how much dedication these people have put into the subject they pursue. 

more about Ferran Adria:
hope you enjoy this documentary where my Anthony Bourdain (one of my most favourite celeb/ author chef) decodes Ferran Adria

enjoy~!  :D


  1. Omg, it's really not a good idea to watch it in the midnight when you're feeling hungry!!! I just watched the 1:4 video and I feel so hungry now, the hams!!! Although I dont like fats, but it's so hard to resist, especially the expression that your fav celeb eats the hams, omg... hahahahahahaha

    Btw, I haven't finished the video, I realised there are 4 parts, so I decided to watch it again tomorrow. :D Thanks for sharing!

    I want to say, the lab is so cool!

  2. HAHAHAHA...yes, the ham part was very long and detailed. go and watch the others! i am inspired by their dedication and love and living in the moment of their work. :D