Sunday, March 20, 2011

Monsters. (Please do not judge it by its title!)

Honestly, I am not a fan of aliens/monsters movie. For what I remember, I have gone to cinema for this type of movie only twice in my life, so far.
One was the 28 Weeks Later, although that didn't change my feeling over this kind of movie, I was impressed by the fact that it was shot by DV. Quite a new idea, I think.

Anyways, today is my second time for aliens movie. I was not too sure about it before buying the ticket. However, the poster printed that the title of three awards from British Independent Film Award, I think I could give it a try provided that there was no other choice in that cinema. Independent film, you know, that really attracts me.

It turns out to be totally out of my expectation! Unlike 28 Weeks Later, this does not have much monsters, not much scary-sound-effect which would shock people suddenly, the director did not focus on the aliens and the attacks. No, not at all, not like the normal aliens films.

The director indirectly shows the anxious of the residents, indirectly shows the seriousness of the attacks by the aliens through the news reported in TV, indirectly shows the sadness and the confusions of the characters, also ironically shows that the country protects themselves in a 'castle' without caring the disasters outside the wall they build surrounding themselves. The 'aliens', which the poster described as 'residents', maybe represents the fear inside us which we need to adapt to. Some craps I think of.

I also love the close-up shots. So beautiful.

By the way, the reviews are not all good about it. Over 6 and below 7, average. I thought it should be higher, but it is just a topic about aliens anyway. I also understand that it might be a little slow-pace and, maybe without climax, for some people.

Anyway, I am glad that I've given it a try today and I got more than just an aliens/monsters film.

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