Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japanese Boro Textiles & Gee's Bend Quilt.

Ahhh.. I was doing some research about 'Boro' textile of Japan. Before that I knew nothing about it. 
I found this. 

"19th c. Japanese cotton futon cover called “Boro” made from recycled indigo dyed cloth in patches joined together."

"19th century Boro textile."

"Boro Cotton Kimono, Yamagata Prefecture (Northern Japan) c. 1900"
Then, I saw there is mention about Gee's Bend Quilt. So, I look for it further due to curiosity.

Check out more Gee's Bend Quilt here.

I find it pretty nice and it is like an art-piece. I think they really need to have sense of beauty to make those, instead of just patching up the spoilt garments. 

Of course, it is beautiful for both the Boro and Gee's Bend works. 
Before ending this post, let's pray for Japan and the world. 

[Sources: Japanese Boro Textiles, here.]

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