Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lykke Li.

Found Lykke Li when I was wondering around.
Clicked on her song in editors' pick in Rolling Stone - I Follow Rivers.
Not too bad. The cover of the album attracts me too. Dark and mysterious.
So I went you-tube more about her.

I am so happy to meet this pretty voice, she was described in Rolling Stone as: an ingenious oddball.
Anyway, I was so excited to share this, until... I heard this song:

I thought, it sounds familiar, but I couldn't remember from which movie I heard this.
I scrolled down the page, and I saw this comment:
"I'm glad I was a fan of Lykke Li before Twilight. :]" - Tekkiee
Then, I mumbled inside my heart: What the hell. People might think that I like her because of Twilight.
So, I want to clarify that I am not a big fan of Twilight, beside Jacob.
Anyway, who cares.

The main point here is Lykke Li.
Great one for me to escape from the reality.

(ps: I couldn't post the original MV for the 2nd and 3rd video. I highly recommend that you go youtube search for the original video. Different feeling to listen it with the videos, especially for the I'm Good, I'm Gone )


  1. HAHAHAH!! then its a pity for them to let twilight use their song!
    i feel so peaceful when listening to this, soothing. and it feels like they are just taking their own sweet time to enjoy and sing their emotional out. thanks so much for digging all these stuff out. i must contribute moreee!!

  2. HAHAHA! Yea right, and make me think of the conversation we had last time, about people clarifying that they already love Moldy Peaches before Juno song. hahahahaha!

    Yes, I am waiting for your quality works!
    I should thank you for sharing the Rolling Stone site! That's where I found her! :D