Friday, February 18, 2011

Peter Funch: Babel Tales

"Peter Funch spends weeks at a time making just one photograph. That is, if you call these images photographs. They're of people in a specific place, but not necessarily a specific time." - Juxtapoz reads.

His series of Babel Tales is mainly about manipulation.

There is this interview by Alexander Tarrant with Peter Funch, where Alexander Tarrant expressed:
"... His images explore the truth in photographs, or lack thereof, and the modern tale of people being so close in proximity yet so disengaged. Always interacting with someone or some thing that isn't the person standing next the them."

Suspecting Suspects

Notable Notice

Observers Observing

Enforcing Enforces

Communicating Community

Memory Lane

Peter Funch: "Photography has come to a point where it can be pure fiction, like painting."
His images give me the feeling of surrealism.

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