Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Watching the Detectives.

Saw this movie when I surfing on the tv channels.
The info says: A film geek's life is turned upside-down when he met the femme-fatale. Something like that.

I missed the front part.

What I saw is, from the middle part to the end, the guy break up with the unpredictable girlfriend because he couldn't stand it with all the dramas but later he feels the life is so dull without the adventures.

One of the review says: many great laughs in a shallow pond. Agree!

The IMDb page is so considerate by quoting the lines/conversation/script, whatever you call it, in the movie. One of those interesting:

Neil: Oh god Lucien, she's ruined it for me Lucien. I mean it's all so boring now!
Lucien: Hey, hey let's put in a movie?
Neil: No, no more movies. It's no use, it's not enough anymore, ya know? It's just all so mundane and so predictable Lucien. Oh hey look! It's Jayson. Jayson's going to come in here and he's going to hand me a package, and then he's going hand me his thing, and I'm going to sign the thing and I'm going to hand it right back to him, and then he's going to get in his truck and he's going to drive of. Oh, it's... it's so predictable Lucien, it's not enough anymore, ya know? Where's the... where's the adventure, you know?
[while signing Jayson's package]
Neil: there's no adventure man. Where's the adventure Lucien?
Jay: You signed it Neil Adventure.
[Neil signs it again]
Jay: You crossed out Adventure and wrote adventure again.
Neil: What does it matter Jayson? Huh!
[Neil walks away]

Further info:
Neil - the film geek.
Lucien - Neil's friend.
Jay - some delivery man, not important.
She - the unpredictable girlfriend of Neil.

Anyways, a light movie but not as shallow as it seems.
Nice, i think.

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