Thursday, September 23, 2010

Je t'aime vs. I love you

Lately, I have watched some movies.

So far, I really like this movie.
New York, I Love You.
Seriously, it's more than the trailer suggests. Watch it!! :)
Nice, nice, nice!
What more to say?
It's pretty intersting too with many directors shooting one film, MANY! 10, 11? Owh btw, I think they call this anthology film.

(ps: I want to thank my dear friend for sharing it and now it's my turn to share)

However, there are quite lots of negative reviews for this movie.
Although I agree that the storyline is flat, all love stories being connected together, the connection somehow makes the flat love stories beautiful and romantic, at least there are some space for you to interpret the story yourself, it is not too directly played.

Maybe, nowadays people are getting hopeless in a pure romantic relationship.
As I saw one of the reviews suggesting that romance is not all about one person attached to another and there is lack of tension/seduction/confrontation in the movie.
That is sad, very sad, but people love all the dramas and this is the reality, don't they?

Or, maybe, the negative reviews are true that the earlier film, Paris Je t'aime, by the same producer is much better.
Comparison and expectation.

Indeed, the trailer seems better.
I won't judge it too soon tho' until I've watched it.

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